Meet Pulin

Name: Pulin

University-Undergraduate: Georgia Tech

Degree/Major/Minor: BS Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

University-Advanced Degree: Georgia Tech

Degree/Major/Minor: MS Industrial Engineering

Years with P&G: 1

Current Role: Customer Merchandising Solutions, Hair Care Project Engineer

About Me

My name is Pulin and I have been working at P&G for over a year now. I am originally from Jacksonville, FL, and I went to school at Georgia Tech. The last year has definitely been a whirlwind for me. I work in the customization group, creating displays to support merchandising at our customers (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.). My two favorite things about this role: it has been incredibly fast-paced and I am always working with multi-functional teams. Because I am an engineer working with people from various roles (sales, marketing, artwork), from day 1 my colleagues have looked to me to be the expert in my field. Every day at work presents a new challenge. Of course, life shouldn't only be about work. Through P&G I was able to easily form a core group of friends. Also, being big into sports, it's been great to get connected with different athletic endeavors, whether it's playing pick-up basketball, joining a kickball league, and participating in one of the many races in Cincinnati. In addition, I have found numerous volunteer opportunities through work, such as high school tutoring and Paint The Town, Cincinnati's largest volunteer event. Whatever interests you, be it at work or outside the office, P&G can help you achieve your goal.

Why did you choose P&G over other opportunities?

One of the main reasons I chose P&G is because I could tell that my career will be shaped primarily by me. Since it's a large company with an extensive supply chain, there are ample opportunities for me to determine what I find most interesting. More importantly, I am the one who owns where my career goes. I know I won't ever be forced into a role that doesn't suit my interests. Since each role is 2-3 years, I also will get the chance to try many different types of roles.

What level of responsibility and influence do you feel as a new hire?

I am definitely looked at to be the expert in my field. I work as the engineer for my team, so whatever questions come up regarding structural support or cost-effectiveness, I am looked at to provide guidance and direction. This started from the very beginning. The support is in place so that you know you can ask questions and get help whenever you need it, but you are expected to perform.

What level of importance does P&G place on your own personal development?

P&G is very high on personal development. Each person is expected to invest in themselves as a way of investing in the company. Trainings are readily available and highly encouraged. In fact, P&G has placed incentive on developing yourself - in order to be promoted at certain levels, you must have completed certain certifications to ensure that you technically qualified to progress forward.

What is most rewarding about working for P&G and SNO?

"Whenever you're not sure about what to do, just think - what's the right thing to do?" My manager said this to me when I first started working for the company. It sounds very simple, but I think it reflects what P&G is all about. There are all sorts of guidelines for ethics in business, but the reality is this - P&G's spirit is to do the right thing. Whether it's as big as a large charitable act in response to a natural disaster or as little as correcting a typo that results in an increased payment to our supplier, I feel comfortable knowing I can be proud of the company I work for.

What advice would you give to candidates that are considering joining P&G and SNO?

Be ready to hit the ground running. Be open and engage the people around you for help. Ask a lot of questions - it's important to be on the same page with everyone you work with.