Meet Janet

Name: Janet L

University-Undergraduate: State University of New York at Buffalo

Degree/Major/Minor: BS/Business Administration/Marketing + BA/Communication Design

Start Date- Full Time: June 2011

First FT Role: Purchasing Manager

About Me

I am a Chinese American, who was born in Brooklyn New York. I relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio and started my role as a purchasing manager in Logistics Purchases. My job is to link external solutions to business needs.

My experience in P&G has been marvelous thus far, mainly due to my current role as the finished product handling platform buyer. This role has given me visibility to the entire supply chain – beginning with raw materials to all the way to the retail store. Knowing that what I buy impacts the entire supply chain, I am presented the opportunity to bring value to my company in so many different ways. Ultimately, I am fortunate to have this level of responsibility in my first year with the company.

Why did you choose P&G over other opportunities?

I knew that I wanted to work for P&G when I first learned about the company in my Marketing class. Prior to that, similar to many, I didn’t know that P&G held billion dollar brands such as Tide, Crest, Pampers, Olay, etc. I was thoroughly impressed with the company’s portfolio and its ability to identify/address consumer needs. I wanted to work for a world-class company who improved the lives of many in subtle and meaningful ways.

What has been your favorite or most challenging project you have worked on since joining P&G?

From time to time, I function as a project manager as certain projects require the input from my supplier. I love connecting the dots and linking key internal clients’ needs with external solutions. My favorite project thus far is global consolidation bid. Working with colleagues or even suppliers from different parts of the world really gives you a sense of how large P&G really is. For example, working around the different time zones is really neat.

What training and mentorship opportunities have you experienced since starting at P&G?

The mentorship and the support you have for your career makes P&G an amazing company to work for. In many instances we only appreciate the acts that are visible to us, however what makes the mark are the unseen efforts orchestrated by leadership behind the scenes. I have never worked for another company that cared so much about their people.

Describe your favorite thing about working at P&G?

The people. It definitely sounds generic, but hands down this is what motivates me to come to work every day. I truly appreciate my colleagues’ intelligence and their genuine approach to things. Their intellect challenges me every day; it’s almost like a source of energy that keeps me going. Most importantly, they’re genuine – they make the work environment an enjoyable place to be in.