Meet Arka

Years with Company: 3

School & Major: Pennsylvania State University, Information Sciences & Technology

P&G Pathway: IT ELITE, Internship, then Full-time

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Describe your job:

I work in an Employee-facing service organization where our main purpose is to provide our employees globally with the right tools and technologies to perform their day-to-day job. Our main customer is the P&G employee. We work on bringing the right technologies/solutions to our employees based on their business needs to help them keep the P&G business running. This ranges from personal computing, to mobile devices, to audio/video conferencing tools, remote connectivity, and much more. I work with many industry-leading vendors to deliver these capabilities to our employees and it is a great area to work in within P&G IT as it deals with new/groundbreaking technologies which has always been a passion of mine.

How do you relate your job to being an internal consultant for P&G? 

My role is very similar to a consulting one as I am always managing/supporting several technology solutions whether it is in the mobility space or in personal computing. I work with our customers/clients which are business leaders within P&G; as well as with vendors who support our technologies to make sure the requirements are met, and we deliver the product/solution with excellence. I am the main consultant that bridges the gap between the business need from P&G and the technology solution delivered by our vendors.

What advice would you give for somebody thinking about a career in IT function?

IT should be more about solving a business need and less about the technology that enables it. Think of ways you can use a technology to solve a problem…being technical is always a ‘plus’, but knowing what to do with the technology to simplify a process or solve a problem is even better. Put an emphasis on business-oriented technical courses that will open your mind up to the possibilities of how businesses solve problems using information and technology. This will always give you an edge over a person who is strictly technical or strictly business-minded.