University-Undergraduate: Lyon College

Degree/Major/Minor: BS - Biology

University-Advanced Degree: KCUMB, Stephens College, Univ of Cincinnati

Degree/Major/Minor: DO - Medicine, MBA - Management, MS - Environmental Health

Years with P&G: 1

Current Role: Physician - North America Medical Organization

About Me

I joined P&G as an experienced hire in April of 2011. With prior experience in surgery, internal medicine and occupational medicine, I came to P&G for the challenge of practicing corporate medicine. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I currently provide medical oversight for employee health in our technical centers in Cincinnati. Working with U.S. and international employees from different aspects of the business creates a unique and exciting challenge each day. It is very rewarding to support P&G as a company and impact the lives of our employees on an individual level.

Why did you choose P&G over other opportunities?

P&G's reputation of respecting and caring for employees as well as the unique organizational culture. I have found that P&G's bond with employees far exceeded my expectations and I could not ask for more talented friends and colleagues to work with each day.

What has been most challenging as a new hire at P&G in HR?

P&G truly is a global company presenting unique challenges that extend beyond typical educational or work experiences. Continual learning is a necessity and has made working at P&G challenging, rewarding and fun.

What level of importance does P&G place on your own personal development?

Personal development is extremely important and expected within P&G. The long-term success of the company hinges on our individual abilities to succeed. Combining work experience with internal training, P&G ensures we have what is needed to face new challenges head on and progress in our careers.

Describe your favorite thing about working at P&G?

The people and the culture. The passion, strength and diversity of talent within P&G employees is incredible. The level of professionalism throughout the company is unparalleled. After working here, I can't imagine working anywhere else.

What advice would you give to candidates that are considering joining P&G HR?

P&G is an excellent place to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Relax, be yourself and enjoy the challenge.