• AALN

    African American Affinity Group

    The African Ancestry Leadership Network (AALN) is one of the longest-established employee groups at P&G, and reflects P&G’s century-old commitment to the African-American community. In the early 1950s, the Company reaffirmed a commitment to diversity by hiring black skilled technicians and laborers. In 1958, with the launch of Drene Hair Care print advertising, P&G began the earliest diversity advertising and continues today. Employees of African ancestry have been integral in helping the Company become a corporate leader in innovation and leadership, and we continue to benefit from their consumer insights to develop new products and bring them to market. Although the AALN is currently focused on employees of African ancestry in North America, the plan is to expand our reach to the African diaspora across the world.


  • HLT

    Hispanic Affinity Group

    The Hispanic Leadership Team (HLT) provides direction to the Company on issues important to Hispanic communities and consumers, and is heavily involved in recruiting to attract top Hispanic talent. Members of our Hispanic Leadership Team were key in P&G establishing support for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). P&G has partnered with the HSF for more than 25 years, motivated by an expanding number of highly qualified, college-bound students in the Hispanic community.

  • apalt

    Asian Pacific American Affinity Group

    The Asian Pacific American Leadership Team (APALT) represents the Asian-Pacific Americans working at every level in the Company, where they have made major contributions to our business. The team offers opportunities for networking and is actively involved in recruiting, retaining, developing and advancing employees of Asian-Pacific heritage.

  • gable

    GABLE Affinity Group

    GABLE is our Affinity Group dedicated to fostering an inclusive, supportive global network that enables Gay, Ally, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Employees to contribute to their fullest potential and to bring their whole self to work every day. What began as largely a North American-centered network for fostering workplace equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees has grown into a supportive and global community, with chapters in every region of the world. These grassroots efforts have evolved into chapters representing the diversity of our employees as well as strong allies to support individuality and inclusion.  Questions for the Gable Group?  E-mail gable.im@pg.com.  

  • cwlt

    Women’s Affinity Group

    The Corporate Women’s Leadership Team (CWLT) is committed to the advancement of women, helping ensure that women’s skills and insights are well-represented throughout our global company, and at all levels of leadership. The CWLT continues to be actively involved in events and programs that promote mentoring, sponsorship, the development of leadership skills, flexibility, and increasing representation of women at all levels.

  • nailt

    Native American Indian Affinity Group

    The Native American Indian Leadership Team (NAILT) represents over 20 Native American Indian tribes at P&G. The NAILT supports Diversity & Inclusion at P&G in a number of ways, including actively recruiting at several universities with a high concentration of Native American students.

  • pwd

    People with Disabilities Affinity Group

    The People with Disabilities (PWD) Employee Group is devoted to raising awareness about issues facing people with disabilities. They are also committed to serving as a change agent to foster a more inclusive work environment for every employee, regardless of mental or physical limitations.